Personal Experience 
is the key to 
Transformational Changes.
a journey to the Self

"In the field of Western psychology 
we have seen a change in its focus: 
psychoanalysis looks back, 
behaviorism looks at, 
humanism looks forward, 
transpersonal psychology looks INWARD
(and thus beyond one's boundaries) 
where we may open to 
the spiritual nature 
within ourselves."
                              J. Strohl
Sally Beaven Elsasser, MA
Transpersonal Psychology

While this 10 minute meditation is downloading, 
maybe you could take a moment to get comfortable and just relax . . .

How often do we do that?

I want to thank everyone who has supported me through my lengthy medical leave, rejoices with me in the miracle of returning to better health and are encouraging me on my next "adventure" to update my manuscript, The Missing Piece/Peace. 

There are some Inward Bounders anxious for a reunion. It is my hope that it will happen in the future. Meanwhile, I encourage everyone who did any of The Celestine Prophecy series with me to read the new mystery novel, The Twelfth Insight, Author, James Redfield, again offers us amazing "insights" into the evolutionary shift we are experiencing. 

While it may seem very dark as we go through this transition. I believe it's helpful to consider that the Mayan Calendar was not about ushering in the end of the world, but entering into a new stage of creation of living spiritually, increasing our ability to connect to those beyond the veil, and living by a compass of synchronicities that guide and support us in our mission of service to others.

In the meantime, I offer you a "piece of peace". It is a recordingof the relaxation meditation I created for the Solarfest Celebration at UNH. For some it will be familiar, for others, perhaps it will give you a brief experience of an energetic connection to inner peace.  

May your life be gently blessed.

Sally E.
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